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Thesis / Interaction Design


Transfont is an experimental project that connects the person and font. The design of the font transforms by the person's movement. Users create their own fonts through web pages.

"How can a font be personal?"

People communicate digitally in the digital age. People comunicate in text messages, write and post on the Internet. But when people write digitally, they use fonts made by others not there own's. Why people do not have their own fonts, just as they have their own voices or handwriting? The biggest reason is that the font design takes a lot of time and effort, and people have to design lot of characters at the same time. To reduce this process and make the font more individual, an experiment is conducted to connect the font to human motion. The fonts design elements from the Transfont are connected to each person's movements to make it personal typeface.

How it works



The distance between the elbows.


The distance between feet.


Angle of arm.

Middle Height

The height of the shoulder.

Horizontal Weight

The height of the hand.

Key Functions

Examples of Use

User Flow

How to Use

1. Prepare a web camera and microphone.

2. Allow browsers to use web camera and microphone.

3. Step back until see your whole body.

4. Speak on microphone to see an example text.

5. Move your body and design the font.

6. Use keywords for additional controls.