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Strider the fox

B2C marketing with mascot character.

Project overview


Illustration, AR Features, Motion Graphic


May 2021 – present


K-5 students and family


Meeting Strider through various media and making them familiar with the brand through mascots.

1. Social Media Filter

Developed an AR filter so that student can meet the Strider that was only seen on the computer screen or on the flyer. Students can use their favorite social media to bring Strider into their workspace or take selfies together. It is created for various events such as school registration, graduation, and summer events.

2. Coloring the Strider

K-5 students can meet Strider through the welcome letter they received after registering for the school. They coloring Striders illustrated in black and white, share their Striders with the social community, coloring their own Striders and increase intimacy.

4. Lofi Youtube

Best performance on the YouTube channel.

4. Strider T-shirts

Various products of the Strider are made to meet the Strider in more diverse ways. The Strider of the T-shirt holds various items that represent education.

5. Social Media Contents

Various types of introductory videos are produced to meet Strider on social media. User can see the various lifestyles of the Striders, Striders appearing after educational programs, and coloring Striders that you met in the Welcome Letter.