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UX · UI / Product Design


MICARD is a mobile unit application for MICA students. MICARD replaces all the functions of plastic ID card based on NFC technology. This application helps users enjoy their campus life more comfortably.

"Why students always have to carry two things in their pocket? ID Card and the smartphone."

MICA students' lifestyles are stereotyped. Wake up in the dormitory in the morning, attend the class, have a meal at lunchtime with a sandwich or a meal plan, and then go back to class. And after class, come back to the dormitory or stay in the studio to do homework. In all this process, students always carry their student ID cards. They should always show their student ID when they enter the building or get the food. But students don't only have student cards in their pockets. A smartphone is always there too. Therefore, if all the functions of student ID are transfer to their smartphone, the pocket will be lighter.

User Research

Persona Scenario

Dormitory Resident

He is a student living in a dormitory. He has to show his ID every time he enters the dormitory. He wants to check the empty washing machine instead of going to the laundry room. He wants to make mobile payments both in laundry and vending machines. And he wants to set the timer automatically whenever he do the laundry.

Night Worker

She does her homework in the studio until late at night and uses a shuttle to go back to her home. She also uses the shuttle to go to the H-mart or restaurant. She wants to check the shuttle schedule and request a shuttle via mobile and check real-time location.

Cafe Doris Lover

She often buys and eats food at Cafe Doris. She wants to pre-order food and picks it up right away before lunchtime. If she didn’t pre-order the food, she goes directly to Doris to order food and pay with mobile. Sometimes she compares the food and decides to goes to Meyerhoff Dining Hall.

User Flow

Wire Frame

Usability Tests


· Can You find account history on November 7? Tell me where you spent money.
· Can you find MICA Mobile ID?
· Can you find today's Meyerhoff dinner menu?
· Can you find way to pre-order egg sandwich in Cafe Doris?
· Can you order sandwich with dining dollars?
· Can you pay for laundry 09?
· Can you add funds in your flex account?
· Can you find way to use Dining dollars with MICA pay?

Results of Testing

· Don't need to scroll on the first page with Transaction.
· The letters on the button are small, and wish it write in one line.
· Dining is better than cafeteria.
· It would be nice to have a pre-order button in the menu.
· Pre-order does not look like a button, something need to changes.
· It says checkout in the middle of the process, so money seems to be paid.
· When laundry is finished, the information is small.
· Use pop-up when add a funds, instead of double-check on additional pages.
· Change the color of each account to a brighter MICA color.

Key Features

Mobile ID

• Easily accessible from the First page.
• Has a big portrait and a name.
• Bar code for rental the book in the library.
• Blinking color circle proves it is not a picture
• The color changes everyday to prevent forgery.

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Add Funds

• Reduced step to one page.
• Users can register card and use it quickly
• A reconfirmation before completion.

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Pre-Order Service

• Able to set pickup time.
• Easy to select ingredients with the pictures.
• The notifications tell users the pickup time.

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Laundry Status

• Users can check laundrt status anywhere.
• Saved location's laundry room comes first.
• The icon is the same as the actual location.
• Easy step to pay with mobile.
• Timer counts automatically.

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