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Project overview


Visual · UX design, Illustrator


June 2021 – Present

Target audience

It is a turn-based combat method, not a real-time battle, targeting people who enjoy strategic games while relaxing slowly. It focuses on collection and strategy for those who like to set up and collect fantasy. It is also built on vertical mobile, so anyone can enjoy the game easily with one hand.

Visual design

Card design

It contains more than six information in a small card, including the name, type, size, rank, illustration, and decription. The type, size, and rank are graphicized and placed at the top, and the illustration and effect are emphasized.

Leader's Treasure
Defeat power 4.
After defeat, get disposable and
War Hammer
Defeat power 2, 6
Iron Boots
Armor + 4
Symbol of Luck
Auto, disposable:
After death, resurrect with 1 health.
Then overcome


Enemies are made up of various type, and name tags are designed to fit their respective type. And also the monster's power are displayed large, so it's designed to be able to recognize the two most important information in gameplay.


User interface


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