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UX Research


InstaMusic is a music streaming service for Instagram users. Users can listen to music at any time while using Instagram and share their list of music with others.

"People are doing two things in their spare time. Listening to music and watching social media."

What do people do while they're awake? Most people have similar daily lives. However, many people invest time in listening to music or seeing social media in their daily lives. It is already considered part of life by many people. Studies show that people all over the world do more than two hours of social media a day on average.

Key Features

Mobile version

Web version

User Research

Persona Scenario

The fandom finds the playlist of its favorite stars and presses heart or listens to music. Influencer shares their music playlists for their fans. The music lover goes to the music list and listen to and saves categorized music.

User Flow

Wire Frame

Mobile version

Web version

Mobile Prototype

Web Prototype