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UX · UI / Game Design


Daydream is an action battle game for PC and consoles developed with the programmer. Story of challengers who enter the tower and fight monsters to find the Loar.

"From planning to development."

Daydream is the third work of a short-term game development project. The project was developed in collaboration with programmers in an attempt to translate various ideas into reality. The game tells the story of challengers who challenge the tower and find the mysterious stone, Loar. Daydream is designed to allow users to choose a challenger, defeat the enemy, and receive feelings of challenge the tower.

Target Audience

Daydream is a game for people who enjoy the games and feel a sense of accomplishment through difficulty. Games develop with console and PC versions so that users can enjoy the battle with large screens and control the joysticks.

Graphic Design




Game Interface

Key functions



Project-A: The Fins