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Berry Studio

Berry Studio is a platform that buys and sells a drawing for one dollar. It has two functions on one platform, anyone can be an artist and customer of the Berry Studio.


How can we trade a simple commission?
I'd like to buy your five minutes drawing for a dollar.

There are many commission platforms on the Internet. However, most commissions are for high-quality illustrations. It pays a lot of money to request professional illustrators for drawings. And artist do expensive commission to make money. So the quality and cost of the illustrations and the time is increasing. Then how about buying and selling the drawings for a dollar? People can buy about five minutes for a dollar. Berry Studio is a platform for trading a drawing in a dollar. Customers pay with a berry, and artists draw the worth 5-minute commission to receive it. And there are no boundaries between artists and consumers. Anyone can be an artist.

Target audiences

Berry Studios has two target audiences. A customer who wants to get a drawing and an artist who wants to draw. The artist draws a drawing to get a Berry, and the customer buys the Berry and pays the artist. However, there is no boundary in this relationship. It doesn't have a separate register to switch users' role.

User research

Persona scenario

Cat Lover

He is a college student who has a cat. He wants to draw a portrait for the cat, but he lacks drawing skills. He tried to ask someone else to draw, but it's not easy to find someone who draws animals. Also, most commissions require high prices. He wants to get several pictures of different styles for the cat. He is looking for someone to draw for the cat at a low price.

Office Worker

She is an office worker. She does simple line drawing as a hobby, and a good response on social media. She draws simple but unique illustrations. he wants to make money by drawing pictures in her leisure time. However, there is no way to sell them. She wants to show a picture to many people and get a commission.

User Flow

Wire Frame

Key Features

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